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When you need quality automotive paint supplies in Auckland

When you need automotive paint supplies in Auckland, turn to the company with the best range of quality products. Our product range caters to the needs of a range of clients from a range of backgrounds. These include automotive, woodworking, engineering, boat building, sign writing and the home handy-man. Our experienced technicians are available to drive out to visit clients in our fully stocked vehicles and provide them with the stock and advise what they need.

Our products

We have a great range of automotive paint supplies and other supporting products. Our product range includes:

  • Aerosols and touch up bottles
  • Abrasives and masking products
  • Solvents
  • Polishes and cutting compounds
  • Tools (electric and air)

Colour matching

With our profi colour chip system or our photo spectrometer we can match any colour required either in our warehouse or at your workshop. We have a total colour solution for all your requirements.

Technical advice

If you are a domestic client, you may become overwhelmed by the large range of technical products that we have on offer. Here at Automotive Paint Supplies Ltd, we understand that not everyone is a technical pro, so allow our professional team to guide you through our product range to enable you to complete your project.