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Dulon Premium 1K Clearcoat 4L View larger

Dulon Premium 1K Clearcoat 4L


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An exceptional, high-performance acrylic lacquer clearcoat which combines clarity, with a full deep gloss, excellent application and polishing properties and a durable finish.                                         

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For complete panel or overall respray apply 3-4 full even coats. Air flash between coats. For part panel or spot repair, apply as for complete panel, extending each coat beyond the edge of the previous coat. Add up to a further 50% thinner to aid blending. Flash Off at 20'C 3-4 mins between coats at 20'C

Drying Times:
Air Dry @ 20'C. Dust Free: 10-15 minutes at 20'C. Compound: 6 hours at 20'C

Please Note: Drying times will need to be extended under cooler conditions. Seek further advice before spraying